Jihadi fixer and convert mother facing jail for role in Britains largest group of Isil supporters

A jihadi “fixer” and a convert mother-of-three have been convicted for their part in Britain’s largest group of Islamist fanatics and Isil supporters.

Ayman Shaukat, a treasurer at a Muslim centre on Walsall, was the lynch-pin in a group of at least nine friends who are now either in Syria, dead or facing prison.

The 27-year-old was the fixer who took two of the friends to the airport as they headed for Syria and helped tie up loose ends in the UK for those not planning on returning.

He was convicted at the Old Bailey of helping co-accused Lorna Moore’s husband Sajid Aslam Aslam and another man on their way to Syria.

Moore, 33, a trainee maths teacher who was brought up a Protestant in Northern Ireland, was convicted of having information about an act of terrorism.

Aslam, who she met at university, is in Syria and she was accused of knowing his plans but concealing the information.

Muslim convert Lorna Moore who planned to take her three young children to Syria to be reunited with their jihadi fatherLorna Moore  Photo: West Midlands Police/PA

She planned to follow him along with their three children.

The group of friends included four Muslim converts who were brought up in Christian families, two teachers and three couples.

Two of the group have been killed in Syria, two others are still there but it is not known if they are alive or dead and four are now facing prison, including Shaukat and Moore.

 Neither defendant made any reaction as the guilty verdicts were delivered.

Sentence was adjourned to a date to be fixed.

Judge Charles Wide granted Moore conditional bail out of "concern" for her children.

But he told her she should have "no expectations raised" about the likely sentence. She left the courtroom accompanied by a man who is believed to be a close relative.

One of those killed in Syria was Jacob Petty, 25, the son of a Church of England minister.

Shaukat took Aslam, 34, to the airport when he left for Syria and also later took another friend Alex Nash, 22, as he tried to head to the war-tron country.

However, convert Nash and his wife, Yousma Jan, 21, were stopped in Turkey and returned to the UK.

Nash pleaded guilty to preparing an act of terrorism but a charge of having information about acts of terrorism against Jan was later dropped.

When Petty left, he was taken to the airport by his old school friend Isaiah Siadatan, 24, who later followed him to Syria.

Petty and Siadatan had known each other since they were pupils at Blue Coat CofE school in Walsall.

Lorna Moore at the Old BaileyLorna Moore at the Old Bailey  Photo: CENTRAL NEWS

Siadatan is still in Syria and sent a threatening email to his wife Kerry Thomason, 24, saying that he would have her and her parents killed if she did not follow him with their two children.

Thomason booked flights to Turkey but was stopped when police called at her home and she handed over passports.

 She later pleaded guilty to one terror charge of intending to assist Siadatan to commit an act of terrorism.

Another friend of Shaukat and Nash, who cannot be named for legal reasons, also travelled to Syria and is believed to have since been killed there.

It is believed to be the largest group of British friends connected with supporting Isil and travel to Syria.



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