After 29 days of enforced disappearance, a statements from Jaw and Al-Hawd Al-Jaf prison about the fugitives that were caught: “Save us we are dying”

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After 29 days of enforced disappearance, a statements from Jaw and Al-Hawd Al-Jaf prison about the fugitives that were caught: “Save us we are dying”

The Bahraini German organisation was capable of putting its hands on a statement from one of the detainees in jaw prison, whose name is kept discrete for the purpose of his own safety, describing his seeings inside the prison, and talking about the the detainees that were apprehended on June 4, 2016 whose total is 11 detainees as stated by the ministry of internal affairs, they belong to the 17 who fled the prison on June 3, 2016. The witness also talks about seeing two of the detainees that were arrested at sea while trying to flee Bahrain after being chased.

The witness has stated that he saw in building number 2 on June 10 a group of detainees that were leg and handcuffed as they crawled on the ground, incapable of walking and their heads were bent from severe torture, they had marks of torture on their bodies. And then they let them in the solitary confinements and he started hearing the moans of the detainees and the insults of the police officers, and screams rose from inside. He adds that in one of these cells the young detainee Al-Sayyid Jalal was murdered and it’s called the elimination chamber, and in this room lays one of the detainees they brought, so he’s worried about him.

And about the distribution of the wards and the solitary confinement cells, the witness stated that building number 2 is formed of 3 wards (1-2-3). Ward number 1 has one solitary confinement cell, while ward number 2 has seven, in one of these a felonious prisoner rests while the remaining 6 hosts 6 political detainees.

The witness assures that the six captives in solitary are a mix of detainees, some of them belong to the group of 11 that escaped the prison and then was captured, and some of them were caught at see while trying to flee Bahrain, and they were all brought in on June 10, 2016. We keep their names discrete also for their own safety.

As for the remaining five from the group of 11 that were caught, they are distributed on the other buildings in solitary confinement as well.photo_2016-07-02_21-55-46

The witness ads that the area of the solitary cells is no more than 2 meters by 1 meter and a half, it has a very tiny bed, and a exposed and very dirty toilet, the door of the cell has no hatches except one that the police opens to bring in food, and a tiny hole in the ceiling.

The witness passed what he heard from one of the detainees in the solitary confinement, pleading in a sad and quivering voice: “take this to whoever can save us, we are dying here.”

We mention that the detainees in solitary confinement are not allowed to have the meal of Iftar, pray, nor even call their parents. And that officer Omar Al-Doussary who was involved in several previous murder and torture cases, the witness continues, is the one who is ordering the Jordanian police to hit the prisoners on all body parts and to focus on private and sensitive spots, and to insult the detainees and throw blaspheme on their religious band.

He adds that the felonious prisoners started a solidarity movement with the political detainees through announcing the start of a hunger strike and presenting a complaint about the conditions of the detainees, all this provoked one of the officers into putting the the felonious prisoners “Ali Adel”,  “Yasser Al-Kuwaiti” and “Al-Balloushi” in solitary confinement and they were severely battered and threatened to be framed in several other cases. And after 5 days they were released and moved to building number 2. All this because they defended the political detainees whom sought refuge in freedom.

We mention that the families of the detainees headed to The General Secretariat Ombudsman and the National Institute of Human Rights, and when they asked about Al-Hawd Al-Jaf prison, the officials answered that their sons are forbidden from visits and phone calls, and sometimes they answer that they don’t know the whereabouts of some detainees. The parents also said that they have tried to communicate with the administration of The Central Jaw prison and yet there is no response, and they tried also to contact the ministry of internal affairs but it responded that it doesn’t have the authority to give any information about their sons or help them what so ever.

The Bahraini German organisation has recorded the statement of the mother of the detainee Ali Hassan Al-Aradi whom belongs to the group that escaped the prison, she says that she headed to Jaw and Al-Hawd Al-Jaf prisons the moment her son was apprehended on June 4, 2016 to ask about him, but she was given no answer, and after 10 days on June 15, 2016 she rechecked Jaw prison and they told her that her son was inside, and they set up a visit on June 16, 2016. And through the visit she saw her son chained and the marks of torture are clear on his body and face. He told her that he was in the solitary confinement. The mother asked the officials about the marks of torture on his body, and they replied that they have orders not to discuss anything and ended the visit quickly alleging that she was given a visit by mistake.

Another former detainee whose name is kept discrete for his safety mentioned that the detainees were transferred from Jaw prison to solitary confinement in the 17th ward of Al-Hawd Al-Jaf prison and they’re currently in very bad conditions.


The Bahraini German organisation for Human Rights and Democracy thus recommends the Bahraini Authorities to respect the prisoners’ rights and stop molesting them by any means of physical of psychological abuse, and to release all opinion detainees as recommended by the Bahraini Independent Fact-Finding committee (Bassiouni committee) and the international pleads like the demand of The UN Hight commissioner For Human Rights Prince Zaid Bin-Ali in the opening of the Human Rights round in Geneva in which he demanded the immediate release of the ones detained on the basis of their peaceful opinions and the defenders of human rights in Bahrain.

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