ANHRI Condemns the Escalating Attack on Media, Independent Media Workers and Liliane Daoud Deportation from Egypt


The Arabic Network for Human Rights Information (ANHRI) vehemently decried the arrest of Lebanese media professional “Liliane Daoud” from her home and her deportation in a degrading and swift manner, under the pretext that her residence permit has expired after she ended her contract with ONTV channel.

Yesterday Monday June 27, the Egyptian authorities deported the Lebanese media worker Liliane Daoud only half an hour after she ended her 5-year contract with (ONTV) channel.

 Eight members of the security forces led “Daoud” out of her house, located at Zamalek neighborhood in Cairo, and took her to the airport together with a number of security men. She was then put aboard an EgyptAir flight heading to Beirut, which took off shortly before midnight yesterday.

On her “Twitter” account, Daoud announced yesterday that she “officially ended her contract with ONTV after five years working in the channel starting from June 2011”.

Her TV program “Al Sora Al Kamela” (The Complete Picture) aired on ONTV channel has been suspended, after business tycoon Ahmed Abu Hashima acquired the channel from its former owner Naguib Sawiris on 15 May 2016.

It seems that media professional Liliane Daoud’s deportation has nothing to do with the end of her residence period as claimed by the authorities. Rather, it is her program “The Complete Picture”, which professionally and impartially tackles the political issues and gives the chance to present the different and diverse opinions at time the one-opinion and one-stance policy is dominating over most of media outlets, that led to her deportation; as it worried the authorities resulting in the retaliation against such a professional media worker in such a way”, ANHRI believes.

ANHRI added, “the humiliating detention and the immediate deportation of the media professional, without even letting her to prepare her luggage, constitute a continuation of the fierce crackdown launched against media freedom and the independent media workers in Egypt”.

ANHRI expressed its full sorrow regarding the escalating pace of repression and hostility practiced against the different and professional voices, and declared its full solidarity with the Lebanese media professional “Liliane Daoud” as well as other media professionals and journalists, who fell victims to the police measures.

ANHRI further stressed that the absence of professionalism and media diversity is the matter which poses a threat on the entire society; because it closed the public field and led to the absence of critical and different voices and gives the opportunity for more extremism and intolerance to prevail in Egypt.

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