Iran executes Kurdish activists on charges of terrorism

Iran – The Iranian authorities executed a number of Kurdish activists accused of involvement in terrorist activities, local sources said on Wednesday.

Human rights activists in the Iranian capital Tehran told ARA News that 29 Kurdish political activists, who have been held for months in the Raja’i prison in Tehran, were executed on charges of terrorism. 

The victims were publicly hanged to death on Wednesday.

“They were convicted on terrorism charges because of participating in political activities against the Iranian regime,” rights activist Riyad Othman told ARA News. 

This comes just two weeks after Iranian security forces arrested over 40 young activists, and executed at least 27 of them. 

“The authorities did not announce the real reason behind the execution of those people. It said they were a group of drug dealers, but this is a baseless charge fabricated to misguide international rights organisations. The victims were political activists and most of them were Kurds,” Iranian Kurdish politician Enwer Mohamadi said.

“We continue to witness these brutal executions in the streets of Iran, while the international community remains unable to take action against this totalitarian regime,” Mohamadi told ARA News. 

The Iranian regime has executed dozens of opposition activists across the country by hanging them to death in public squares, according to local sources. 

In the meantime, several human rights organisations condemned brutal practices by the Iranian authorities, especially the public execution of opposition figures and civil rights activities.

According to reports, the government of the Islamic Republic of Iran has executed at least 2500 people in the past two years.

Source: ARA News

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