US election: Donald Trump won, so what happens now?

Washington - he US election is finally over. Republican Donald Trump is the president-elect. So, after months of primaries, party conventions and tumultuous campaigning, what happens now?

Everything officially starts now

Its known as the presidential transition and its the time between the end of the election and the inauguration in January.

Its a pretty long changeover. The new president will have 75 days to prepare, choose his cabinet and hire new staff to take over the functions of government.

However, Mr Trump already has his foot in the door.

Both he and Hillary Clinton have had tax-payer funded offices at the White House since July to prepare them to hit the ground running.

Michelle Obama will take Melania Trump on a tour

Its tradition for the incumbent First Lady to take the spouse of the president-elect on a tour around the White House and into the private quarters before the end of the year.

It should give Mrs Obama and the new first lady plenty of time to talk about their mutual passion for giving speeches.

The secret service will reveal their secrets

The secret service will give Mr Trump an intelligence briefing.

It has already revealed its code names for Mr Trump, who will be known as Mogul, and according to some media reports, his wife Melania will take on the word Muse.

President Barack Obama will also do handover and this is where things could get awkward.

Mr Trump only just admitted Mr Obama was actually an American in September, and Mr Obama has said Mr Trump was "unfit" to be president.

When will the new cabinet be announced?

The president-elect will start announcing appointments in early December and will spend the next few weeks in meetings and setting the agenda for their term.

What happens to Obamas Twitter account?

The first social media president has amassed 11 million followers in his eight years as President.

And with tweets like this, its no wonder.

The followers of @POTUS will be remain, but all the tweets will be deleted. All of Mr Obamas tweets will be transferred across to a new account, @POTUS44, as he was the 44th US President.

The White House website will also get a refresher.

Can we expect any pranks or shenanigans?

When Bill Clinton left the White House in 2001, there was allegedly $13,000-$14,000 worth of damage done to the building by outgoing staff.

That included $4,850 to replace keyboards which had the W keys removed (a slight at incoming president George W Bush).

The new president will be inaugurated in January

The big ceremony takes place on January 20, (thats January 21 in Australia).

At noon, Mr Trump will take the Oaths of Office, and then deliver his inaugural address as president.

This all culminates in the Inaugural Ball.

And as if there wasnt enough going on at the White House already, it is also when the first family will officially move in.


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