Istanbul nightclub terror attack victim predicted her own death hours before

Rita Chami was ringing in the new year with her fiancé Elias Wardini at the Reina nightclub in the Turkish capitals Ortakoy district, next to the Bosphorus River, when an ISIS-supporting gunman stormed the building.

The suspect – dressed as Father Christmas and armed with a Kalashnikov – killed 39 revellers as he sprayed bullets into the packed dancefloor.

Rita and Elias, both aged 26 and students at the American University of Science and Technology in Lebanon, were inside the upmarket club when it happened.


Both Rita and her boyfriend are thought to have been shot multiple times as the gunman unloaded a total of 160 bullets from six magazines.

It can now be revealed that Rita apparently predicted her own death in a chilling Facebook post written just hours before she flew to Istanbul.

According to IMLebanon news, she wrote on her page: "Hopefully we will have fun (in Turkey), worst case scenario is that I will die in a blast and follow my mum".

She also posted a poem in Arabic about how those who have died are "always there" and "around us".

Early reports claimed Elias had drowned in the Bosphorus River after running from the gunman.

However, his friend Jason Orfali wrote on social media: "Just to clarify some false information that our beloved media provided us with.

“Elias Wardini did not run away from the shooting (he was unfortunate not to escape).

“Elias Wardini stayed behind because his fiance was shot twice he went back to help her and was shot three times and died in her arms, he loved her to the extent that he stayed behind to help her and it cost him his life.

“ ... don’t ever dare to think that Elias died in some river! He stayed behind to protect the ones he love and died doing so.”

A huge manhunt is underway to detain the attack suspect, although Turkish authorities have yet to release his name.

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