Video captures horrific murder of Egyptian Christian

Egypt - An Egyptian coptic christian who worked selling alcohol has been murdered in an apparently Islamist attack, according to local reports.

A “bearded man” slit Yusuf Lama’a’s throat as he sat smoking a shisha pipe in front of his shop in the northern coastal city of Alexandria. The incident was captured on the stores security cameras, and security forces have since been able to identify the killer as Adel Abdel Nour al-Said Suleiman, al-Tahrir news reported yesterday.

Local police have so far suggested that the incident was not religiously motivated, but rather the result of a disagreement between the two parties.

However, one member of Egypt’s Coptic minority alleged that the attack was carried out by a “Salafi”, indicating that the Islamic religious leaders in Alexandria often put pressure on local shops selling alcohol to close during Ramadan and the five daily prayers. In the Facebook post below, Michael Armanuous also suggested that the murder was premeditated and that the killer waited for Lama’a to leave his home, before attacking him in front of his children.

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