Arabs in Iraqs Rabia seek to be part of independent Kurdistan

Kurdistan, Iraq - Thousands of Arab nationals in Rabia district, northwestern Iraq, have expressed full support to the establishment of an independent Kurdish State, The Baghdad Post reported.


Arab citizens in the district said they heavily participated in the September 25th referendum.

"We voted for an independent Kurdistan, the central government has left us for ISIS, we want the Peshmerga forces and the Kurdistan region, we want stability and safety," Ali Khalaf said.

"We decided to be a part of this country led by President Massoud Barzani," said Khairallah Ahmed, adding "Arabs and Kurds will remain brothers forever".

"We are tired of sectarianism from the central government, we seek for the achievement of Kurdish rights, we want to form a democratic state with the Kurds," said one of the tribal chiefs in the Rabia region.

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