Iran Protests Leave at Least 2 Dead

Iran - At least two demonstrators were reportedly killed during clashes between anti-government protesters and police in Iran on Saturday, during anti-government street protests originally prompted by anger over rising prices and a stagnant economy.

A video posted on social media Saturday purported to show two protesters after they were shot dead by riot police in the western town of Dorud when protests turned increasingly violent Saturday.

VOA’s Persian service identified the victims as Hamzeh Lashni and Hossein Reshno. A reporter for the Persian service had spoken to the victims’ families.

Another video posted to social media also purported to show demonstrators attacking government buildings and participating in violent conflicts with police. Unverified videos posted to social media seemed to show thousands of people protesting in several cities throughout Iran.

Saturday’s demonstrations are the largest and the most serious challenge to Iranian authorities since 2009, following the disputed presidential election of then-President Mahmud Ahmadinejad. They were sparked by a surge in prices of basic food supplies, such as eggs and poultry.


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