Increase of Security Measures and the Arrest of a Number of Protesters Following the Call for Supporting Afrin


Iran-Yesterday afternoon, on March 12, following the call on social networks on holding a protest rally in condemnation of the Turkish military Attack on Kurds in Afrin and the silence of the international community, several cities witnessed the rally despite the presence of security forces. Several numbers of Civil activists have been arrested by security forces in Marivan and Kamyaran.

 Various sources in the cities of Kamyaran, Sanandaj, Bokan, Marivan and Tehran have told Kurdistan Human Rights Network (KHRN) that on the eve of the protest rally on Monday, police and plainclothes forces were widely present in the main squares of these cities. In some of these cities, civil activists

 Protest in front of the Turkish government’s embassy in Tehran

 gathered at the governorate to seek permission for holding a rally but they were denied permission to do so.

 According to reports, at about 17:00 yesterday, hundreds of citizens in Kamyaran held a protest rally in Imam Shafi Square of the city. At least one woman and one man, whose identities are unknown, were arrested by the police forces who intervened in the rally.

 Police and plainclothes agents are also present at Azadi Square and 6 Bahman Street in Sanandaj to disperse citizens who intend to hold a protest rally and prevent any gatherings.

 Several student activists and Kurdish activists gathered in front of the Turkish government’s embassy in Tehran in protest to Turkish Attack on Kurds in Afarin. The security forces took measures to prevent any gatherings from taking place but protesters protested on a hike to Republican Street with a slogan in condemnation of the Crime of the Turkish Army while supporting the resistance of Afrin.

 “Today, a number of Marivan citizens were planning to hold a protest rally but the security forces dispersed the citizens at the onset of the gathering.”, an informed source from Marivan told KHRN.

 According to the source, at least eleven  civil activists from Marivan have been arrested by security forces, nine of whom have been identified as Adnan Hassanpour, Arman Ghafouri, Mohammad Danesh, Diyar Yazdani, Ahmad Iranpanah, Hiwa Fedayee, Moslem Hesami and Faramarz Mohammadi.

 Five civil activists from Marivan have been arrested by security forces,

 It should be noted that the Turkish army has been launching a massive attack on the Canton of Afrin in Rojava, Kurdistan (Syria) since 52 days ago and this attack is still ongoing.

 According to Kurdish sources, More than 212 civilians have been killed while more than 600 other people have been injured during the attacks.

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