“The Last Protest”; Music Video for Younes Asakereh’s Daughter



HRANA News Agency – The music video “The last protest”, composed and performed by Amir Sarikhani was to the young daughter of Younes Asakereh, the peddler from Khoramshahr, who set himself in fire as a protest, in March 2015. Negar Parsaei has written the poetry.

According to report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), Younes Asakereh, Arab citizen from Khorramshahr, set himself in fire in front of the municipal building of the city due to the confiscation of his fruit stand by the municipality and because of desperation, which led to his death in March 2015.

A music video called “The last protest” composed and performed by Amir Sarikhani with a poem by Negar Parsaei, addressing the young daughter of Younes Asakereh, has an artistic-social criticism on this issue.

Ms. Parsaei addressing Asakereh’s young daughter when she grows up, about this poem says: “I wish this song reduces a little bit of your sadness and you know that those who were in those days, although they could not to do much but they attempted to reduce your grief, as much as they could.”

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