This is Syria, not Vietnam: children burned by napalm bombs in air strike

Harrowing images of child victims of ‘napalm bombs’ have emerged after suspected government warplanes carried out several airstrikes in Syrias Hama province on Thursday.
A large number of children injured by incendiary bombs were taken to the Syrian-American Medical Society hospital in Hama, president of the aid group Dr. Zaher Sahloul said.
One of the shocking photographs shows a young boy sat upright on a hospital bed with horrific burns. His hair has been singed and his clothes have been cut away from his body.
Dr Sahloul said on Twitter: This is not a victim of American Napalm in Vietnam but a Syrian child victim of Assads Napalm in Hama.

Other images show a little girl splattered with what looks like blood as a young boy curls up on the hospital bed beside her.
The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights confirmed a series of airstrikes since early on Thursday had killed at least 25 civilians, including six children, in northern Hama province.
This has not been independently verified but the Syrian government is proven to use chemical weapons and has not signed up to an international convention that prevents the use of incendiary devices on civilian populations.
Syrian warplanes were also accused of dropping napalm bombs on the rebel-held neighborhood of al-Waer in the city of Homs this weekend.
After the attack, video emerged showing a severely burned Syrian girl shaking and crying while locals bandaged her wounds and smeared terracotta-coloured mud on her head.
After the bombing by war planes stopped, they began firing napalm, a doctor in the district told Al-Jazeera. Some of the patients were burned.
A severe shortage of medical supplies means mud is being used as a cooling agent on the excruciating burns.
They use mud because there is no medication and with napalm you cant use water, a Homs activist told The Telegraph. You make the burn even worse if you use water so they looked around and they used the mud.

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