Female Prisoners of Evin Prison Deprived of Proper Medical Treatment



Tehran – while sending political prisoners to clinics is always done with great difficulty by the judicial-security institutions, however, female prisoners, in particular women’s ward of Evin prison inmates suffer from severe deprivation, due to shortage of female security forces.

According to the report of Human Rights Activists News Agency in Iran (HRANA), to send prisoners to a hospital, according to the prosecutor’s order, the detainee must be examined by prosecution forensic and if approved then the transfer order will be issued. If there is a doctor who can cure the disease, then the prisoner will be transferred to prison’s infirmary, otherwise, will be transferred to medical centers contracted by the Prisons Organization. If families wish to transfer prisoners to another health center, they must make an appointment and pay the costs, after obtaining approval from the prosecutor.

This process can take months.

A number of female prisoners in the women’s ward do not have a good physical condition, and since the prison clinic is not well-equipped and has no special stuffs, these prisoners managed to get a medical leave permission, to be sent to a hospital or visit a specialist, after waiting for several months. However, these transfers are mainly canceled on the appointed day, due to lack of prison staff.

The women’s ward of Evin prison has two security guards, in each shift. These two are the officers who accompany the prisoners out of the prison.

Since more than three weeks ago, because of the multiplicity of transfers, these two guards have stayed with the prisoners who have been admitted to the hospital, so that, the majority of transfers have been canceled.

For example, Elham Farahani, Baha’i citizen, imprisoned in this ward, has got fracture on her bon and has had two surgeries. This prisoner is deprived of medical leave and parole. As she has problem to move her hand, her doctor has prescribed 30 sessions of physiotherapy for Ms. Farahani. However, due to frequent cancellations, there has been a gap between the sessions. The clinic specialist is concerned that due to the gaps between the physiotherapy sessions, Ms. Farahani would not be able to use her hand as she was used to.

A source close to the families of female prisoners in Evin prison, in a conversation with HRANA’s reporter, criticized this condition and said: “Senior officer and the prison warden rather than fixing the problem, cancel the appointments which have been obtained by the families very hardly. On the other hand, when the appointment is canceled, due to call restrictions, prisoners are not able to inform their families and this causes intense concern to the family”.

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