Iran: Secret Executions at Rajai Shahr Prison


Iran -According to IHR sources, two prisoners were executed on the morning of Wednesday, January 30, at Rajai Shahr prison. IHR could not yet identify them by name.


“Probably they had been transferred to Rajai Shahr for the execution from other prisons or IRGC special wards,” the source added, “recently, executions are carried out in Rajai Shahr prison under strict secrecy measures. Authorities try their best not to reveal information related to the executions, even to the common soldiers who serve as the prison guards.”


Of note, ward 8 of Rajai Shahr prison is under control of IRGC security forces; and political detainees who are under interrogation, are held there. Last year, Rajai Shahr prison was at the top of prisons where executions were carried out.

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